July 25, 2024

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC Game Free Download

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC Game Free Download

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC Download Free Latest Version

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC delivers intense first-person combat focused on teamwork and cooperation between squad members. Players take on the role of either US or Vietnamese soldiers, each with their distinct arsenals and abilities. The gameplay is realistic and lethal, with just one or two shots enough to take down an enemy.

Various period-authentic weapons from the era are available, like the M16 for the US and the AK-47 for the Vietnamese factions. Players must utilize the terrain, communicate with their squad, and select the right load-outs to gain the advantage. Vietnam’s dense jungles and muddy terrain create opportunities for ambushes and stealth gameplay.

Various team-based objectives push the two factions into confrontations across iconic maps like Hue City during the Tet Offensive. The best teams know how to work together and capitalize on everyone’s strengths. American soldiers have superior firepower, while the Vietnamese rely on traps, stealth, and knowledge of the land. With limited respawns, staying alive is critical. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC provides an authentic, grounded multiplayer experience where tactics and smart play are rewarded over fast reflexes. It’s a thinking player’s shooter in one of history’s most iconic battlegrounds.

Experience the Chaos of War in Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC

Step into the jungles of Vietnam in this intense and realistic multiplayer first-person shooter set during the Vietnam War. Choose to fight as American or Vietnamese soldiers, each with arsenals and abilities. Wage gritty jungle warfare using period-accurate weapons as you navigate the dense foliage and muddy terrain. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam beta key aims for unparalleled authenticity with asymmetric gameplay that gives each side unique advantages and challenges.

You’ll participate in famous battles like Hue City and the Tet Offensive as you fight to win and stay alive. When things grow difficult and perhaps deadly, staying in touch and coordinating their actions is in everyone’s best interest. Immerse yourself in the mayhem of war and participate in great battles that molded a generation. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Dead offers heart-pounding action for shooter fans seeking a modern take on classic warfare.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC Game Free Download

Playable Characters and Their Roles in Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC

  • US Army Soldiers: As American infantry, players take on the role of soldiers with access to superior firepower like the M16 rifle, M60 machine gun, and the M79 grenade launcher. The Rising Storm 2 Vietnam Unlocks focuses on working together as a team to reach goals. Teamwork and communication are very important.
  • Vietnamese PAVN/NLF: On the Vietnamese side, players join the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) or the National Liberation Front (NLF). With weapons like the AK-47 and RPG-7 rocket launcher, the focus is on booby traps, stealth and ambush tactics. Knowledge of the terrain is crucial.
  • Pointman: This specialized US role leads the squad and spots enemy locations. Armed with a shotgun and smoke grenades, the Pointman navigates and designates areas for attack.
  • Sniper: Playing as a sniper provides longer-range support. Patience and precision shooting are required to remove enemies from a distance while hiding.
  • Radioman: Acting as a squad’s radio operator, the Radioman calls in UAV recon, napalm strikes, and artillery support. He also serves as a mobile spawn point.
  • Sapper: Rising Storm 2 Vietnam bug splat Gameplay is mostly about working together as a team to reach goals. Communication and working as a team are vital.
  • Machine Gunner: With heavy weapons like mounted machine guns, the Machine Gunner provides US squads with suppressive fire and defense. He supports advancing teammates.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC Game Free Download

Missions and campaigns in Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

Campaign Missions:

  • Hill 937: Fight in the bloody Battle of Hamburger Hill as US soldiers assault a heavily fortified Vietnamese position. Coordinate air strikes and artillery to break through.
  • Siege of Khe Sanh: Hold off relentless Vietnamese attacks in the infamous Siege of Khe Sanh. Dig in as the enemy tries to overrun your base.
  • Operation Hastings: Take part in the US marine-led Operation Hastings and its efforts to drive out the Vietnamese from the DMZ.
  • Battle of Huế: Engage in intense urban combat as US forces try to recapture the city of Huế during the Tet Offensive.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC Game Free Download

Multiplayer Maps:

  • Cu Chi Tunnels: Wage close-quarters combat in the underground Cu Chi Tunnel network with many tight spaces and ambush spots.
  • Firebase Georgina: Defend this isolated US artillery base deep in enemy territory against overwhelming odds.
  • Hill 937: Fight for control of the vital hilltop position of Hamburger Hill with open terrain and bunkers.
  • Song Be Battle in and around this Vietnamese village with plenty of structures for urban combat.
  • Mekong Delta: Traverse this maze-like swampland with dense tropical vegetation and hidden passageways.
  • Hue City: Clear out enemy forces entrenched in buildings, back alleys, and strongholds in the urban sprawl of Hue.

Major Updates that have been Released For Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC

  • Green Army Men Update: Added a special Green Army Men mode with toy soldiers battling in gardens, bathtubs, and sandbox environments. It provides a more lighthearted take on the gameplay.
  • Australian Forces: Introduced the Australian Army as a new playable faction with its unique arsenal of L1A1 rifles, M113 armored personnel carriers, and more.
  • Operation Forrest Update: Added the new Forrest map set in a dense jungle environment ideal for ambushes. It also included a new Pointman character class.
  • Blood & Steel Update: Provided new maps like An Cu’ong Village, Song Be, and the South Vietnamese Army faction. New weapons like the MAT-49 submachine gun were also added.
  • 83 Update: Brought the USMC Pacific campaign to the game with maps like Hills 169 and Foxhill. New weapons like the M60E3 machine gun and patrol boats were also included.
  • MIKE Force Update: Added MACV-SOG special forces operators for the US with their unique load-outs. The Phuoc Long map set during Tet 1968 was also provided.

Minimum Requirements For Rising Storm 2 Vietnam PC Game

  •  Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 5850.
  •  CPU: Intel Core i3 2.5GHz or AMD Phenom 2.5GHz.
  •  Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • File size: 60 GB available space.